Considered the most international and one of the most dynamic Mozambican musicians today and a symbol of Mozambican culture, Stewart is a professional committed to spreading the music of his country in the world, invited to important tours in Africa, Europe, Asia, United States, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Music producer, composer and lyricist, in addition to music, he is a presenter of television programs related to Tourism and Culture in Mozambique, an entrepreneur and a staunch social activist.

Stewart Sukuma started his artistic-musical career in his teens, through dance. Perhaps from there comes the musicality combined with the traditional Mozambican rhythms. This was a period of his life that provided musical experiences with schoolmates that later would also become references in Mozambican music. However, he considers that what really marked the beginning of his career was the recording of his first song: Hot Music, recorded at EME studios, in the early 80s.

The first musical project he embraced was Banda Formation 82 with whom he recorded the first song and won the first musical competition in the country, in 1982, winning the Best Interpretation Award.

Since then, with a self-taught spirit, he has lived and learned with older musicians such as Rabadab Za Ntaka, Duo Seara, Pedro Ben, Lisbon Matavele, Lalarita, João Wate.