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Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Cultural Promotion Portugal – Senegal and West Africa


Gonçalo Terenas is the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Cultural Promotion Portugal – Senegal and West Africa, and leads the Luso-African multisector consortium, Senegal Business Cluster with offices in Dakar, Dubai, Abidjan and Lisbon, through which he holds the West Africa Office for Economic Expansion which develops bilateral relations between the Portuguese market and the main economies in the region of the  West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA).

He settled in Dakar in 2012 where he founded the ‘Senegal Business Cluster’ that is nowadays a Portuguese reference in the region and in 2015 the group “Africa Cluster”. In 2016 he launched the project of the Olive Oil Brotherhood, an associative initiative that aims the promotion of certified and referential quality products in the food sector under the aegis of “made in Portugal”.

Among the institutional relations that Gonçalo Terenas develops stands out the presence by invitation in bilateral initiatives in Portugal, in Senegal and Ivory Coast, organized by many institutions like Aicep, AIP, AEP, CCIP, APIX, MEDS, Trade and Industry Chamber of Dakar, and others. He was responsible for the organization and co-organization of various corporative events in Senegal (Fidak 2013, Forum Fogeca, Sencon 2017, FIC – PT 2014) and in Portugal (Forum De Negócios Portugal – Senegal 2015 and 2016, Forum Económico Senegal and Guia De Investimento Mercados ECOWAS).

He is a member of Portuguese Diaspora Council since April 2017.