Founder of “Charisma Campaign“


Tina Antwi, is also known as “Tina Charisma” a Model, Speaker, Writer, and Activist based in London. She works professionally as an international development consultant leading and advising on international development projects globally. Additionally, she has experience working in the Charity, Media and Government sector. Tina campaigns, writes and regularly speaks internationally on issues related to Africa, women, diversity, and sustainable development particularly on subjects related to (African diasporas, education , global goals and empowerment) impacting people and communities globally. Her Charisma Campaign initiative primarily aims to provide advocacy, influence culture and empower communities. The #GOECOPERIOD campaign is among her many charisma campaign projects which advocates for sustainable period products. In addition ,Tina also works with brands and start-ups that share in the values of charisma campaign encouraging cooperate social responsibility and sustainability. “African Diaspora’s have always been and continue to play core roles to  the growth and sustainable development of both Europe and Africa.Platforms such these are therefore vital in strengthening the collaboration efforts that help bring about change.” Tina Charisma