Head of Corporate Affairs of mPedigree


Eugene Boadu has more than a decade’s experience working across academia, entrepreneurship, corporate intrapreneurship, and at the interfaces of private enterprise and public administration. He is currently a leader in the operations design and strategy formulation groups in mPedigree Network, a social enterprise building and deploying many innovative technologies for human security, trade standards, and market exchange facilitation, with particular emphasis on anti-counterfeiting, supply chain transformation, predictive analytics, infra-sensors, and brand equity. He has multiple responsibilities, including, among others, P&L control for some of the organisation’s key product lines in its multi-award winning, category-defining, Goldkeys platform; and also in functional areas within strategic marketing, business development, competition research, and scenarios building. Eugene has been instrumental in driving several projects and lifting ideas from the strategy board to the ground where impact on the lives of millions of consumers is made and felt every day. “A unique, inspiring opportunity to deepen ties for mutual growth, among equals. #EurAfricaForum” Eugene Boadu