Founder & CEO, iVacBio


Dr. Sibongile Gumbi is Founder and CEO of iVacBio, a vaccine manufacturing company. She holds a PhD in Pharmacology and certificates in finance, intellectual property, and technology management. She also has an MBA from IMD, Switzerland.

iVacBio is a bio-pharmaceutical company involved in the manufacture of antigens and monoclonal antibodies used in vaccines and diagnostics. The company has exclusive rights to novel proprietary technology, technical knowledge and intellectual property relating to protein production using plant-based expression systems. The challenge faced by many livestock farmers on the continent is access to effective, affordable and safe innovations for the health of their animals. Our mission is to develop and bring to the market vaccines and diagnostics to control, monitor, prevent and treat zoonotic diseases prevalent in Africa. 

Dr Gumbi has held numerous posts in the area of technology and innovation management including Group Executive, Biotechnology and Executive, Innovation and Enabling Support at the Technology Innovation Agency as well as, Intellectual Property and Commercialisation manager and R&D Outcomes Group Manager at the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research). 

In addition to her corporate experience, Dr Gumbi has been involved in the growth and development of two enterprising businesses. The one being Ferox Pharm, a company concerned with producing natural plant products used to treat a variety of infantile and adult diarrhoeal disorders and, Smart Innovation, a technology management and advisory company.

Dr Gumbi serves on a number of Boards including Adcock Ingram, CPT Pharma, Quorus Biotech and Labotec Holdings. She is a Fellow of the eighth class of the African Leadership Initiative and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network (USA).