EurAfrican Forum 2019 | Security, Migration and Talent | Breakout Session 2

September 3, 2019 by EurAfrican Forum

We live in a world on the move. Today, roughly 244 million people live outside their country of origin, some in search of better opportunities, others flee from crises imposed by conflict or disasters, or from abject poverty. While migration is not a new phenomenon, the sheer scale of forced and irregular migration in recent years has called attention to the need for stronger international cooperation to better address the root causes of displacement and to promote durable solutions towards safe, orderly and regular migration. However, the arrival of large numbers of migrants, especially from very different social or cultural backgrounds than the receiving communities can also pose serious challenges to social cohesion. This can have practical implications for states, such as talent integration and job opportunities, as well as competition with the labor market, national security and identity. This session was designed in collaboration with the Institute of Security and Strategy Foundation of Poland.