President, Youth Climate Council in Denmark


Monika Skadborg is the President of the Youth Climate Council (Ungeklimarådet) in Denmark. They are an independent Youth-led advisory board gathering input from Danish young people and presenting policy recommendations for the climate minister as well as advocating towards businesses and organisations for increased climate action. They have been working with among other things finance flows for sustainable development, socially just polluters pay models, and how to find synergies between stimulations the economy and achieving climate neutrality. She took initiative to convincing the climate minister to get a Youth Climate Council because young people deserve a seat at the table where decisions are made that impact their future. Monika Skadborg has previously been a Youth Delegate to the UN representing Danish young people at COP24-25 and other sustainability related events. Now she is a member of the Bottom Lining Team supporting Youngo, the Youth Constituency to UNFCCC. Monika Skadborg has been active in different youth and student organisations for more than a decade and now she works for the European Students’ Union representing 20 million students. Here she works with among other things improving the sustainability aspects of higher education. Her educational background is Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark.