Having lived across various countries in her early years, including Belgium, South Africa, as well as Ongha (village), Maria Immanuel started off earlier than a typical child in Namibia and only settled down for high school in Walvis Bay, where she lived her whole adolescent life.

She graduated with a degree in Agricultural Economics at the University of Namibia and holds a Master’s Degree in International Trade Law and Policy from the Graduate Business School of the University of Cape Town in collaboration with the Trade Law Centre of Southern Africa (Tralac). While in University, ML began to explore one of her deepest passions, music and entrepreneurship at the same time registered her first company.

In December 2017, ML broke into the music scene with the release of her debut album ‘The Diplomat’. Without doubt one of the most promising musicians in Namibia of today, in a span of a year and a half, ML not only released her debut album, but her second album, “Independence Day”, released on Namibia’s Independence Day as a dedication to her motherland, Namibia.

ML continues to impress her fans with her consistency and creativity.


Known for her diverse innovative African beats, ML describes her music as flavorfully African, mixing genres of Shambo Pop (Oshiwambo pop), Afro beats and Zouk music.


A self-confessed serial entrepreneur, ML is not only an accomplished professional; she is deeply passionate about education.  She recently launched her ‘Entrepreneurship Masterclass’ to teach inspiring young entrepreneurs how the economy works.  An investor in diversified economic sectors such as tech, cosmetics and media, ML is amongst the winners of the “Challenge des 1000”, 2020 Africa – France Summit.

With her third Album titled, ‘With Love’ due for release in June 2020, she is expected to drop continental bangers, with collaborations from South Africa, Tanzania, Angola, and Nigeria. 


Widely regarded as a socio political conscious musician, her interest in human rights is evident in her music. In her own words, Maria says, “My music is my advocacy and I am an activist through my music.”