EurAfrican 2021

Sivan Breemhaar

Fashion Designer, Afriek


Quote about attendance and contribution to the EurAfrican Forum:

“”I am grateful to be part of EurAfrican Forum 2021. I believe collaborations between our two continents should be based on equality in every sense. In order to get there we first need to acknowledge that they are not. The most important task we have is to listen harder and better to what the people in and from Africa want and can teach us. If there is anything we haven’t done for the last century it’s really listening. There is so much to learn and it will benefit us all. I believe in a world where everyone can thrive and that is what my work with AFRIEK is all about.”

Short Bio

Sivan Breemhaar is the founder of AFRIEK, a fashion brand producing high-quality fashion in Rwanda for the Global market since 2013. Sivan is a global thought leader on sustainability, organic cotton, fair wage, fair trade and original fashion, recently launched a new collection that has a completely transparent, organic, local supply chain. Sivan was raised in the Netherlands, has a Master Degree in Human Rights and Conflict Studies, and received the Dutch Young Sustainability award last year.