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Pedro Reis

Chairman, Advisory Committee of the Portuguese Diaspora Council

Pedro Reis, 54 years old, holds a degree in Management and Business Administration from the Portuguese Catholic University (UCP), having completed his academic education with executive courses at Harvard Business School (USA) in Strategic Finance (2005), at Insead (France) in AMP – Advanced Management Program (1995), and also at the UCP in PAGE (Advanced Management Program for Executives in 1994-95).  

In 1996, Pedro Reis was awarded the “Prize for Managers of the Future”, by Egon Zehnder, JNICT and the magazine “Fortunas e Negócios”. In 2013, he received the prize “Best Leader Awards” for the “Best Leader in a Government Company”, as well as the prize “Personality of the Year” by Interfranchising and the National Franchising Association. In 2014, Pedro Reis was awarded the “Prize for Integration and Welcoming” by the Chinese Community League in Portugal.  

In April 2014, Pedro Reis was condecorated by the president of the Portuguese Republic, Prof. Aníbal Cavaco Silva, with the insignia of the Great Official of the Order of Infante D. Henrique for his public service in what regards the internationalization of the Portuguese economy.  

For more than 20 years, Pedro Reis was a manager and a business consultant in several sectors and industries such as engineering, furniture, advertising and communication and, more recently, the financial sector.  

From December 2011 up to April 2014, Pedro Reis was the Chairman and CEO of AICEP, the Portuguese government agency for trade and investment.  

During this period, Pedro Reis was also a member of the Strategic Council for the Internationalization of the Economy, the National Council for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the National Council for Industry, the Coordinating Group for Economic and Investment Affairs, Portugal Ventures and, also, President of the jury of the national prize “Economic Diplomacy” officially organized by the Foreign Affairs Ministry.  

In May 2014, Pedro Reis became a Senior Adviser for the Executive Committee of Bank Millennium bcp, the main private bank in Portugal.  

In September 2015, Pedro Reis became also an executive member of the board of BCP Capital acting as its CEO 

From November 2017 onwards, Pedro Reis became Head of Corporate Strategic Marketing and Business Development at Millennium bcp. 

In December 2019, Pedro Reis became Head of Institutional Banking at Millennium bcp. 

During some years, Pedro Reis was a regular collaborator to various media, and resident commentator in a TV channel, TVI 24, as well as in several newspapers and magazines namely concerning economic and financial subjects.  

In March 2011, Pedro Reis published the book “Back to Growth” in which he provides a diagnosis of the Portuguese economy and its main challenges for the future.  

From July 2014 up to January 2015, Pedro Reis was also managing director of the Private Media Platform that was created by the five main private media groups in Portugal (Cofina, Controlinveste, Impresa, Media Capital and Renascença).  

In October 2014, Pedro Reis was invited to be non-executive member of the Consulting Committee of the AEP, an association for commerce and industry in Portugal.  

From July 2016 up to November 2017, Pedro Reis was non-executive Chairman of the Editorial Council of the online media ECO, specialized in business and financial information.  

In November 2016, Pedro Reis was invited by Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Catholic University of Portugal) to minister an executive course regarding the subject “The challenges facing the process of internationalization”.  

In January 2017, Pedro Reis was invited to be a member of the Advisory Board of a multiplatform reference project of marketing and branding in Portugal (running for 13 years in local TV news channel “SIC Noticias”) called “Imagens de Marca” (Successful Brands).  

In January 2019, Pedro Reis was invited to be member of the Consulting Committee of the Forum para a Competitividade, a Think Tank of entrepreneurs and top managers. 

From September 2020 up to January 2022, Pedro Reis was President of the Fiscal Council of COTEC Portugal, the Business Association for Innovation. 

In September 2021, Pedro Reis was invited to coordinate the State group in the Business Roundtable Association Portugal (BRP) a group of Portugal’s 42 top business leaders. 

Since 2015, is a “senatorial” member of the platform “Portugal XXI”. 

In February 2022, Pedro Reis was invited to be a member of the Strategic Advisory Committee of the Faculty of Economy and Business Management of Universidade Lusíada. 

In April 2022, was nominated President of the Consulting Council of International Club of Portugal. 

In May 2022 was invited to be a member of the Consulting Council of the platform “Portugal Agora”. 

In June 2022, Pedro Reis became the Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Portuguese Diaspora Council 

From 2013 onwards, Pedro Reis was a Member of the Board of the Think Tank “Instituto Francisco Sá Carneiro”; in the last two years, up to July 2016, Pedro Reis became President of the Institute. 

In February 2014, Pedro Reis was elected on the National Congress of PSD, as President of the National Committee for Financial Audit (CNAF) for two years. 

In May 2014, Pedro Reis was invited to the national representant (mandatary) of the coalition PAF (PSD+CDS/PP) for the European elections. 

In December 2015, Pedro Reis was presented by PSD as one of the alternate members proposed by the party for the Council of State.