EurAfrican 2021

Louise Bezuidenhout

Fairwork Research Officer, CITANDA (Centre for Information Technology and National Development in Africa – UCT) and DANS (Dutch National Centre of Expertise and Repository for Research Data)


Quote about attendance and contribution to the EurAfrican Forum:

“I am very excited to be participating, and looking forward to strengthening the dialogue between European and African research and innovation.”

Short Bio

Louise Bezuidenhout is a Research Officer for the Fairwork South Africa team at CITANDA in the Department of Information Systems at the University of Cape Town.

Louise has PhDs in cardio thoracic surgery (UCT, 2007) and sociology (Exeter, 2013). Most of her work is interdisciplinary and sits at the intersection of critical data studies, empirical ethics, and Science and Technology Studies. Her recent work has focused on topics such as openness and data access in research. Themes of data, justice and digital access – particularly in low/middle-income countries – feature prominently in her work.

For the Fairwork project, Louise will be gathering evidence and producing the Fairwork platform assessment report for South Africa.