EurAfrican 2021

Amolo Ng’weno

CEO of BFA Global


Quote about attendance and contribution to the EurAfrican Forum:

“TDespite low productivity, microenterprise is the fastest growing segment of employment where incomes also grow the fastest. Appropriate finance along with social and business capital are key to helping this promising sector grow and succeed, and so I’m looking forward to speaking more about this, gig work, digital platforms and the future of work in Africa at the EurAfrican Forum 2021.”

Short Bio

Amolo is CEO of BFA Global. She is based in Nairobi but runs the company worldwide. Her recent areas of interest include the changing nature of work in developing countries with the growth of the digital economy; harnessing technology to provide micro-entrepreneurs with the financial and technical tools for growth; and how data analysis techniques can improve regulators’ interactions with customers, including for resolving disputes. Formerly, she was the Managing Director of Digital Divide Data Kenya, a social enterprise that provides data and research services to companies and governments, while hiring young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and supporting their higher education.

Prior to that, Amolo held a position as Deputy Director in the Financial Services for the Poor team at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In that role, she worked to improve scale, range and impact of financial services available to the poor in developing countries. Prior to her work at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Amolo worked in Kenya, her native country, where she was the COO of the Trust for African Rock Art. She also co-founded Africa Online, East Africa’s first internet provider, which operated in eight countries before sale to Telkom South Africa. Amolo holds a BA in Psychology and Social Relations from Harvard University and a Master of Public A.