EurAfrican 2023

Henry Kamau

Executive Director, Sustainable Transport Africa United States of America

Director and Founder, Sustainable Transport Africa (STA)

Henry Kamau is the director and founder of Sustainable Transport Africa (STA), an NGO based in Nairobi. STA is currently involved in the introduction of electric mobility and supporting infrastructure in the region. Prior to that, STA was involved in programs to introduce unleaded gasoline and low-sulfur diesel fuels in the region, followed by cleaner vehicles with functional emission control systems, supported by policies on emission standards and vehicle inspection, maintenance, and testing programs. STA was also involved in advocating for policy changes in vehicle taxation to shift from a capacity-based system to a CO2-based system in the region, which would also improve the fuel economy of vehicles in the region. STA also contributed to the Kenya Transport NAMA at COP21, which was a proposal for battery electric BRT buses for Nairobi.

Henry Kamau is an Automotive Engineer with a BEng (Hons) in Vehicle Design Engineering (Mechanical) from the University of Hertfordshire (UK) and BEng (Hons) in Vehicle Body Design from Fachbereich Fahrzeutechnik (Germany) and has previously worked with vehicle manufacturers in Europe and vehicle assemblers in Africa, as well as visiting vehicle manufacturer facilities in South Africa and Egypt.