EurAfrican 2023

Ana Lehmann

Professor of FEP-U.Porto, Board Chair/Member in different companies, former State Secretary for Industry of Portugal

Ana Lehmann has a career linked to Academia, Government, high level consultancy and management of companies and other organisations. She has worked in five continents and held positions on the governing bodies of over twenty entities.

She has been State Secretary for Industry in the XXI Constitutional Government of Portugal, in charge of Industry 4.0 and of the entrepreneurial ecosystem-related policies.

She is an Associate Professor at FEP- University of Porto. She teaches at Porto Business School, and has been Visiting Professor at several foreign universities in the USA (e.g. Columbia University) and Europe. She has worked for the OECD, UNCTAD, the European Commission, among other international organisations. Her areas of expertise are Foreign Direct Investment, Internationalisation, Innovation, Industrial Development and Digital Transformation.

She is a Board Member of The Navigator Company, TAP, Chairperson of Zolve-Logifrio, President of the Investment Committee-Social Innovation Fund, and President of the General Council – Fund of Funds for Internationalization. She serves on several international Advisory Boards (Orkestra-Basque Institute for Competitiveness, U.Fribourg Competitiveness Institute, EIT Manufacturing) and is a member of the Strategic Council for the Digital Economy (CIP).

She was Vice-President of CCDR-N, President of the Management Authority of the EU Atlantic Area Territorial Cooperation Programme and Pro-Rector, U.Porto. She was associated to the foundation of API-Portuguese Investment Agency (advisor to the Chairman/CEO), and also to the foundation and leadership of InvestPorto, the investment arm of Porto City Council.

She was President and Board Member of the European International Business Academy, and a Fellow of that Academy since 2016. She was an ambassador for InvestEU and the Juncker Plan,

She holds a BSc in Management (FEP-U.Porto), a MSc and PhD in Economics/International Business (U.Reading) and postdoctoral studies in Internationalisation, Public Policy and Economic Development (U.Strathclyde). She has postgraduate studies in public policy and industrial development in Italy and France and in International Relations (New York University).

She is the author of numerous publications in international scientific journals and books in her areas of expertise. She is a frequent keynote speaker at expert meetings and international conferences, has received several scientific merit and career recognition awards, and collaborated with several think tanks and leading international organisations.