EurAfrican 2022

Sean Drake

Group CEO, Africa 5.0

Mr. Sean Henry Drake is one of the youngest accomplished entrepreneurs in Europe and Africa. He started his career as an investment banker in the UK and rose through the ranks to set up The Wealth Project, an investment holding and advisory company adopting extraordinary strategies to create wealth for clients. He is also the Group CEO of Africa 5.0which includes Billionaire Tomorrow, co-founded by ex-founding editor of Forbes Africa and Chaired by Mr. Nhlanhla Nene (Former Finance Minister, SA). Africa 5.0 is a data, media and technology firm with a vision of an Africa that feeds, leads, and heals the world by connecting its young entrepreneurs to intra and extra trade and investment opportunities in the continent. In just two years, Mr. Drake has led the team to create an extraordinary platform for African Billionaires to share their intriguing stories with the rest of the continent and create knowledge transfer for the younger generation of entrepreneurs. Mr. Drake has made a firm commitment to invest in data development, media engagement, and technology to highlight and exhibit the potentials and opportunities that the continent holds for agriculture, agribusiness, fintech, industry, and retail etc. He is driven by the passion and can-do spirit to see a new Africa that feeds itself and the world, provides high-quality education, and great healthcare delivery system for its people. He believes the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement(AfCFTA)has the potential to not only enhance trade and investment in the continent, but also create a strong future of young African billionaires. Mr. Drake’s commitment to youth empowerment in Africa has recently been recognized by Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs (AYE) network through his appointment as member of the Advisory Board for the E-Village project. The E-Village is an ecosystem for entrepreneurship development and empowerment in Africa.