EurAfrican 2022

Luís Gonçalves

CEO, Banco de Fomento Angola

With extensive experience in the Banking Sector, Luís Roberto Fernandes Gonçalves began his career in 1996 in general service at the BFA Branch in Lobito, his hometown. 

Over more than 25 years as a banker, he has held various management positions at Banco de Fomento Angola in Individuals and Business Banking, having also served as chairman of the Executive Committee of BFA Gestão de Activos, as executive director of the Executive Committee of the Board of Administration of BFA and, finally in July 2020, he was appointed CEO of Banco de Fomento Angola. 

Of his professional career, special mention should be made of his time at Banco Keve as Commercial Director and at Banco de Crédito do Sul as Executive Director. 

With a degree in management accounting from Universidade Lusíada de Angola and a postgraduate degree in monetary and financial economics from the University of Évora, Portugal, he has a great interest in the areas of monetary economics, corporate and international finance. 

He is 50 years old, is married, and has 2 children.