JULY 4-5th 2019



The EurAfrican Forum exists to explore and promote the power of diasporas as a connecting force between cities, regions and continents, between cultures, companies and people.

It is an action-oriented gathering of leaders that aims to foster stronger collaboration between Europe and Africa to promote a shared green and inclusive growth for the two continents, fostering mechanisms for collaboration and creating new synergies and partnerships.

Under the theme “Partnership of Equals: Sharing Values, Sharing Prosperity”, the 2019 Forum will focus on common challenges, changing relationships, aiming to create fresh opportunities, showcasing examples of progress and inspiring transformation for a shared prosperous and sustainable common future of Europe and Africa.

In the first edition of the EurAfrican Forum, under the theme “Crafting Coalitions for Change”, prominent speakers debated a call to action for building trust between Europe and Africa and taking the opportunity to rebalance and promote the EurAfrican geographies and reinforce the diaspora networks.

Attended by more than 400 people in the first edition, the Forum provides a major opportunity for networking and exchanges between those that are crafting innovative approaches for common challenges. Notably African and European leaders from government, business and civil society, young entrepreneurs, activists, social influencers, NGOs and media, gathered to constitute the ‘EurAfrican Community Network’.



The Forum positions the youth of the two continents as the hope for a better future and will address new partnership paradigms between Africa and Europe to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and new skills.

From donor-recipient towards equal participation.

Building a new Africa–Europe relationship based on mutual respect and collective decision-making presents a huge challenge.

How to move towards a more balanced, mutually respectful, relationship between both continents? How to shift Europe-Africa relationship away from aid, towards investment and trade? How to exploit the geographical advantage between both continents in terms of proximity at the same time as it confronts the politically divisive issue of uncontrolled migration?

African entrepreneurs driving inclusive innovation and growth.

Sheer ambition and aspiration of Africa’s youth is the inner challenge to retake the narrative and reinvent the continent’s technological and entrepreneurial future. Innovation is an opportunity, mobilizing knowledge, expertise and resources to enhance Africa’s innovation ecosystem and raise awareness of the ‘continent of the future’ innovation potential.

Is Africa leading the innovation revolution? How to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities from the digital transformation that Africa is offering? Which are the most entrepreneurial cities in Europe? Which African cities are growing and blooming now?

Changing the narrative: valuing talent and diversity from migrant flows.

It is only a matter about perception – changing the problem and changing the narrative, bringing in a new generation of the African diaspora and perspectives through writers, artists, actors, producers, singers, addressing well known issues about legacy in a creative and simple way.

What can be done so Europe and Africa can profit from each other? Which are the cultural and psychological barriers regarding Africa and Europe relations? How to strengthen cooperation between south of Europe and the North of Africa to take the most of proximity opportunities?

Africa: The new frontier for impact investment and innovation.

In Africa, impact investing is a growing phenomenon, albeit one which is developing at different speeds in different parts of the continent where Southern Africa is leading the field.

Home to some of the fastest developing economies and markets in the world, with real challenges to solve and real ways to solve them. Africa is the land of opportunity and the playground where impact investment and innovation is the upfront. How are these projects evolving in Africa? In which areas can impact investing make a difference? Can “impact” be measured credibly?

Legacy to Growth: Rehabilitating the Heritage, Culture and Tourism.

In view of the renovation and use of the cultural and historical heritage throughout countries, it is possible to transform them into an economic asset for countries’ economies, suitable for tourism-oriented economic activity, generating wealth and jobs, enhancing the attractiveness of regional destinations the development of different regions.

Tourism of Portugal has recently launched the REVIVE project, leveraging the cultural values as a connecting force between Africa and Europe.



A non-profit private association, founded in 2012, by indication of the President of Portuguese Republic – also Honorary President – as well as of the Minister of State and of Foreign Affairs – Honorary Vice-President.

The main purpose of the association is to enhance Portugal’s brand and international reputation involving the Portuguese diaspora of proven influence who keep most of their activity abroad and who have distinguished themselves in their field of expertise, namely in Culture, Citizenship, Science and Economics. The World Portuguese Network currently comprises 94 Counselors, spread over 24 countries and 47 cities, on the 5 continents.


José Manuel Durão Barroso

Chairman of the EurAfrican Forum

Filipe de Botton

Chairman of the Board of the
Portuguese Diaspora Council



António Guterres

United Nations Secretary-General
(Special Video-Message)ónio_Vitorino.jpg

António Vitorino

Director General to the International Organization for Migrations – UN Migration Agency (IOM)



Emmanuel Noutary

General Delegate of ANIMA Investment Network

Jasandra Nyker

CEO of BioTherm Energy

Khadija Idrissi Janati

Founder of I-AFRIKA

Linda Mabhena-Olagunju

Founder and Managing Director of DLO Energy Resources Group

Marie Lora-Mungai

Founder and CEO of Restless Global

Markus Lienkamp

Professor of Automotive Technology at Technical University of Munich

Samir Abdelkrim

Founder of EMERGING Valley

Tina Charisma

Founder of “Charisma Campaign“

Tunde Kehinde

Co-Founder of Lidya

Vèna Arielle Ahouansou

CEO of Kea Medicals